About Woodland

Local access to extraordinary crop diversity is good for food manufacturers, seed researchers, the ag support industry, and the entire Food and Ag Business cluster. Many companies have come to Woodland in large part because they gain direct access to farmers, farms and the exact crops the need for their products.

"Woodland is a great fit for Cobram Estate because of its unique proximity to some of the highest producing ​orchards in California, ideal climate for olive production, access to interstate highways and ports, as well as Woodland's long history as the home of specialty food producers and diversified farmers."

                 - Adam Englehardt, President US Operations, Cobram Estate

What makes Woodland the Food and Ag Epicenter? 

Woodland is centrally located at the confluence of abundant high quality Ag land, major freeways, a port, an international airport, and just a stone's throw away from the genesis of the Organic Movement in Yolo County's beautiful Capay Valley. Locating in Woodland provides access to unique, abundant, high quality natural resources in a way few places can offer. Woodland's central location also provides its businesses with access to top universities, including UC Davis the top Ag Research University in the world. 

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Extraordinary Crop Diversity

​​Woodland Offers...

With a brand new, state of the art water treatment facility, and intake pulling water from the Sacramento River, Woodland boasts both plentiful and extraordinarily high quality water. For more information on the project and on Woodland's water, please visit the project's website.

The climate in Woodland and Yolo County is perfectly suited to growing a wide variety of crops  - over 300 different fruits, vegetables, nuts and more a grown within the County.Temperate, wet winters and hot dry summers provide Woodland farmers with the advantage of great growing weather. For food manufacturers this means access to local, high quality crops, and working with local farmers.

Located just ten miles away from UC Davis, the premier Agricultural Research University in the world, Woodland business have access to some of the top talent available in Agriculture, AgTech, and more. Additionally, Woodland community college offers relevant technical degrees and promotes the local skilled labor force. More than 50% of the residents of Davis and Woodland combined possess bachelors degrees. 


Woodland Is...

Abundant, High Quality Water

Excellent Growing Climate

Centrally Located

Woodland offers the convience and advantage of beign centrally located. Interstate 5 runs from Mexico to Canada, and runs directly though Woodland. Additionally, Woodland is just minutes away from Interstate 80, connecting the Bay to the East Coast.