- Mike Vinnicombe, CEO
   San Francisco Spice- Home of Dr. McDougall’s 

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Made in Woodland

At Cobram Estate, we always look for the best land and weather conditions for our olive groves and we build our own facilities with the most modern and top of the line equipment. Following extensive research we have pinpointed Yolo County as the premium location to grow olives to our high standards, and are excited that our new mill in Woodland will be producing our world renowned extra virgin olive oil.”

      - Rob McGavin, CEO, Cobram Estate

"We wanted to find a community that is friendly and safe, and Woodland accomplishes that. Being in agriculture-rich Yolo County, the city is also in line with the company’s motto, “sustaining earth, sustaining you,”



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From the instant a seed is planted, through the moment a high quality food product comes off the line, food products may never leave Woodland.

What makes Woodland truly unique is its ability to supply each and every step of the way: From seed research to harvest, fabrication to final production, Woodland offers locality and centrality that helps each and every one of its businesses thrive. The Woodland Food and Ag Business Cluster is truly the epicenter of the Food and Ag Industry.

Woodland, California:

Truly the embodiment of the Farm to Fork movement, Woodland is a right-to-grow community surrounded by mile after mile of one of the best growing climates in the world. 

Coupled with a business-friendly local government, low operating costs, proximity to premier educational institutions and a robust, healthy, and growing industrial area, Woodland provides the perfect environment for food manufacturing, ag tech innovation and growing excellent food.


and  Ag

Historic, yet progressive, Woodland blends a small town feel with a pro business and growth friendly climate, while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.  Due to its proximity to major transportation nodes, Woodland has also become increasingly important as a manufacturing and distribution center. It is located 20 miles northwest of Sacramento, at the intersection of Interstate 5 and State Route 113, a key access point to Interstate 80 and gateway to the Bay Area.